WHONET dBASE file compatibility issues

You may encounter a dBASE compatibility issue like those listed below:

The most common reason for these compatibility issues is a problem with the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016, which is needed for accessing dBASE files. WHONET attempts to install this during the installation process, and in some cases, this automatic installation is blocked by the computer or system administrator policies. In other cases, the installation works well initially, but sometime later the Access Engine may stop working because of a Windows update, Microsoft Office change, etc.

Potential solution - install the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016

If your computer is having trouble reading your WHONET dBASE files, you can try the following procedure:

  1. Open 'Add/Remove' programs by searching your start menu.
  2. Search or otherwise locate the 'Microsoft Access Database Engine.' Uninstall all versions of this, including 2010 and 2016.
  3. Manually install the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 matching your version of WHONET from the link below.
    • Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable
    • If you are using 32-bit WHONET as found on the 'About' screen on the 'Help' menu, you must use 'AccessDatabaseEngine.exe'. If you are using the 64-bit version of WHONET, you must use 'AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe'.
  4. After you have successfully installed the correct version of the 'Access Database Engine', open WHONET once more and repeat the action which caused the initial error to see if it has been resolved.

Potential solution - Use WHONET SQLite files

You can begin to use WHONET or BacLink to make SQLite files, which do not have the dBASE compatibility issues described above. You can also use WHONET to convert your existing dBASE files to SQLite even without resolving any dBASE compatibility problems.
Advantages of SQLite
How to create SQLite data files

Please visit this link to troubleshoot other installation problems.