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This is our NEW version of WHONET. It is a modernized version of WHONET 5.6. In addition to the standard WHONET 5.6 features, this version supports 26 languages and includes new features for exporting to the WHO GLASS data structure. Further information on GLASS can be found using this link.

WHONET 2019 is a desktop application with support for CLSI, M100, M45, M60, and M61 and EUCAST 2019 breakpoints. VET03/04, VET06, and VET08 will be included with our next update release.


Online installation 32-bit (17.6 MB)
Offline installation 32-bit (142 MB)

Online installation 64-bit (17.6 MB)
Offline installation 64-bit (142 MB)

Build date: 2020-01-31
Version: 19.13.31


This version of WHONET is still in development. In addition to the standard features of the desktop softwares, For U.S. facilities, WHONET WEB also supports monthly reporting to the CDC’s NHSN project MDRO-CDI reporting module.

WHONET WEB is a web application which can be deployed on an intranet, or the public internet to a server of your choice. The current demonstration version is available in English only, but multilingual support will be added.

Username: demo
Password: WHONETdemo
Build date: 2018-02-04

Requirements Documentation


This is the version of WHONET used in over 120 countries and 2,300 laboratories around the world. WHONET 5.6 is a desktop application with support for 24 languages and 2019 CLSI and EUCAST breakpoints.


Online installation (18.5 MB)
Offline installation (62.5 MB)
Build date: 2019-07-19

Backup installation (32.8 MB)
Backup version: 2016-05

Additional software

WHONET Automation Tool
Build date: 2019-12-02
Version: 19.12.2

WHONET 2019 - Beta version
Build date: 2020-02-06
Version: 19.14.6

The beta version can be installed side-by-side with the release version listed above. This version previews new features and bug fixes before they are available in the standard distribution.

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